Monday, August 3, 2015

Sugar With Coffee Please

By Sam Yang - Get similar updates here

There are those people who cannot drink coffee without sugar and now there is a scientific explanation, they like what coffee becomes, not coffee itself. They don't actually like coffee or tea, which is why the taste of it without the sugar is so foreign and so disagreeable. It's not that they enjoy something, and then sugar makes the thing they enjoy sweeter — it is that combined it becomes an entirely new taste experience. It's no longer coffee or tea with sugar, but that coffee and tea changes into something else on a molecular level with the introduction of sugar.

This research was led by Dr. Seishi Shimizu, from the York Structural Biology Laboratory in the University’s Department of Chemistry. There is already substantial evidence of the dangers of sugar, especially in beverage form, but we don't yet know if coffee and tea binding with sugar makes the effects of sugar even worse, or if it's the same as drinking coffee and then swallowing spoonfuls of sugar afterwards.

What we can conclude is understanding more about our relationship with coffee, and if it's really about a love of coffee or if it's just a love of a warm sugary beverage that tastes like coffee candy. (Sugar with coffee.) If the latter is true, then this information helps us stop fooling ourselves in our relationship with sugar. Perhaps it's a good test to see if you are a sweets lover, can you drink coffee without the sugar? Just to ruin your day even more, other things like creamer, half and half, milk, almond milk, soy milk can all contain sugar.

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