Tuesday, December 9, 2014

11 Year Old Explains Everything You Need To Know About Food

11 year old explains everything you need to know about food
From TEDx

Eleven year old explains everything you need to know about food

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You've heard so much about what's wrong with our food but couldn't really wrap your mind around it because it's too complicated. That's because an 11 year old never explained it to you.



  • Advertising vs truth
  • Ideas of farming vs industrialized food system
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • Majority of corn consumed has been genetically modified and it is in nearly every food (including health food)
  • CAFO - Confined animal feeding operations
  • Chemical fertilizers that strip the soil of nutrients
  • Problems of monocultures and growing the same crop year round
  • Chemicals used to treat vegetables and fruits seep into the ground and contaminate watershed (drinking water)
  • Not using herbicides, pesticides, or GMO seeds is considered radical and unconventional in modern farming practices
  • Price of food vs hospital and healthcare bills
  • Change can happen based on where we shop. Do you want money to go to the farmer or to the corporation?
  • Think local, know your farms, know where your food is coming from, and buy organic

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