Monday, June 23, 2014

Fitness Is A Compassion Business

By Sam Yang - Get similar updates here

Often times it's hard to tell if a trainer is trying to make their client better, or if a trainer is trying to make their client their victim. Training is a business of facilitating change. It's also a business of compassion... Or at least it should be.

This story isn't fancy, it doesn't have the sex appeal to drive a lot of sales. It's not high status and there's no one to be jealous of or aspire to be like. None of the typical things you see in fitness. Usually fitness dazzles us with images of things we want, or want to be like, things that are better than us. Personal consumption is driven by want.

This story isn't selling anything. It's just a human story. Health should be about humans connecting with humans and improving their health in ways that are most beneficial to the specific individual. This older client isn't expecting to look good in a bikini for the summer. She wants to be less fearful, she wants to live longer, and she wants kind interactions. She just wants to smile more. Her trainer wants to help her find her smile again. That in essence is the spirit of this business.

There's two lessons here: one about how trainers should redefine their jobs, and one for clients on how they should redefine their expectations on happiness.

Trainers in the pursuit of money have forgotten about why they got into this business; to help people. Clients in the pursuit of vanity forgot about why they cared about health; to live life with dignity.

Always remember why you started and you'll find it difficult to get lost.

Sam Yang from an early age has been obsessed with connecting the dots between martial arts and efficiency, health, mindset, business, science, and habits to improve optimal well-being. For more info, join his newsletter. You can also connect to All Out Effort on Facebook and Twitter.

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