Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Skinny On Skinny Fat

Takeru Kobayashi at Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest.

By Sam Yang - Get similar updates here

The medical term for skinny fat (TOFI- thin outside fat inside) is called metabolically obese normal weight. Your weight isn't above a healthy range for your height but you have excess visceral fat and not enough muscle.

Previously I discussed how overweight people don't necessarily have to be over-fat. High weight and high fat are not the same thing. You can be skinny but have excess fat and it can be quite dangerous.

In a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 1 in 4 skinny people have pre-diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes at a normal body weight have twice the risk of death. Since we associate good health with being skinny, many people who don't have an obesity issue but have type 2 diabetes just consider it a minor irritant. Many may still consider them healthy otherwise since they're skinny. The lack of musculature is one step closure to death in this case.

In the good old days you were skinny

Maybe not. 37% of teenagers with normal body weight (skinny) had one or more signs of pre-diabetes. Maybe what you thought was skinny was really metabolically obese normal weight (skinny fat).

We already knew the kids dealing with obesity were unhealthy (1/3 of adolescents in 2012), but if the kids with normal weight are also having health issues, how many children are left who are healthy?

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