Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why Crawling Is Important For Beginners

This video illustrates some of the crawls we use with clients

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As babies/children we learn to turn over on our belly, grab our toes, grip and pull ourselves up, cling, pull up, plank, push up, crawl, sit up, lunge, squat (like really deep), walk, run, etc. All with no pain or injury.

As adults, our movements vary from person to person. Our lifestyles are different, and the majority of us are all injured in some way. What happened between then and now and how do we get it back? Do we need to do those basic movements again?

The answer is yes.

From martial arts, sports, to kids classes, rehabilitation and functional movement, experts are incorporating primitive movements and crawl techniques to get their athlete's bodies back to proper functionality, as well as for conditioning purposes.

Crawling is important for beginner humans (children) and for beginner athletes.

The Sequence

  1. Baby Crawl
  2. Leopard
  3. Alligator
  4. Bear Crawl
  5. Inchworm
  6. Beginner Frog Hops
  7. Frog Hops
  8. Caterpillars
  9. Seal Crawls
  10. Lateral Crawl
  11. Lateral Planks
  12. Shrimps
  13. Technical Stand Ups
  14. Bananas
  15. Booty Walk

If you're already familiar with how to use kettlebells, here are some circuits you can try that will burn more fat than a traditional circuit due to the nature of gravity and switching from a down position to an explosive up position.

Similar to the benefits of HIIT, only with more strength benefits. You can combine this with some of our other exercise programming as well.

Crawl and Kettlebell Combos

  • Combo 1: Alligators + 10 Push Ups + 25 Swings
  • Combo 2: Bear crawls + Lateral Crawls + 25 Swings
  • Combo 3: Technical Stand Ups with a light kettelebell + Turkish Get Ups (3 Get Ups on each side) + Goblet Squats
  • Combo 4: Lateral Planks + Frog Hops + Leopard + Inchworms + 20 Push Ups + 40 Swings

*Do them for as many rounds as you want. Mix and match. Create your own combinations.


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