Monday, March 3, 2014

A Toxic World, What Are We To Do?

The world is toxic and I need to take action!

I was talking to someone who was telling me how toxic the world is, and how medicine doesn't work (which can also be toxic) and how we need all kinds of supplements and juicing to balance it all out and cleanse ourselves.

I asked her, so if medicine doesn't work, how do you know supplements, juicing, and cleansing works?

She was surprised by my question, as if it needed no explanation. It's just assumed it works.

If everything is toxic, how do you know supplements aren't toxic?

She answered, well that's what it's supposed to do. Give us the good stuff because we don't get enough of it. Then she said, are we supposed to do nothing?

The common belief is, multivitamins, supplements, juicing, it's a no brainer duh. Who needs proof right? How many of you college educated folks did something like the master cleanse without actual proof? Completely take on some new age diet without proof?

But if it's alternative it somehow requires no proof...

This is something I often see in the alternative health world. This logic of, the enemy of my enemy must be my friend. So I am against traditional medicine because it's let me down in the past, the enemy of that is alternative medicine, therefore alternative medicine must be automatically good for me and work miracles.

Even MDs are guilty of this and there are plenty who specialize in holistic integrative medicine in affluent areas helping rich people (especially women) get over mystery illnesses that they diagnosed them with. Symptoms are, constantly feeling tired and stressed... Which is pretty broad and general. And if you're always worrying yourself over how bad the world is, it would be reasonable to believe you'd be pretty stressed and tired...

With that said...

Alternative medicine can be good. So can traditional medicine. I've personally benefited from both. Some people are skeptics of modern medicine, a prime example was the great industry leader Steve Jobs. Some are skeptics of alternative medicine.

Traditional medicine is not always good for us. Neither is alternative medicine. One thing I do appreciate about traditional medicine is it never makes dangerous claims to be able to cure cancer (but there's more laws to prevent that as well). I hear that all the time with alternative medicine and when I had family members sick, every nut job came out talking about secret cures. Just because you're all about love, light, and "positivity" doesn't mean the stuff you spout is automatically good.

Everyone's looking for "secret" answers. Well secret doesn't also mean effective.

How different are the two really, traditional ideas about health is less fat and moving more and make money on pills. The alternative ideas about health is less fat and moving more and making money on pills and powders and smoothies. And what do both say about cupcakes? In moderation...

Let's keep our logic caps on and avoid the tin foil ones.

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