Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Creationism And Calories

This carb monster applies to religion AND diet.

When a little scientific knowledge goes the wrong way...

Recently there was a debate between Bill Nye and creationists. You can hold either belief (and your religious faith is a personal one and not for me to judge) but one of the common misconceptions was about the laws of thermodynamics and the Earth being a closed system. Which it is not, energy comes in and out and the Sun is a huge outside energy source.

Which reminds me of the same nonsensical debate in health, where many believe (blindly) it's all about calories, claiming the laws of thermodynamics as evidence... which would only work if we were a closed system.

There are so many articles written by trainers and fitness people trying to say, "it's calories in, it's calories out, case closed." No it's not. Stop trying to turn science into pop science.

I said religious faith is a personal relationship and not for me to judge, but spreading poor science in the name of health, is something that needs to be corrected and shouldn't have any dogma attached to it. If you're going to use science, use it correctly.

I'm sorry but science is complex

Much like the Earth, we are not a closed system. Yes energy matters, but it's hard to account for it all or to predict the nature of that energy, how much of it will escape, be lost in inefficiencies, how much will even enter the system, or even how all of it will be used.

Claiming it's only about calories is the same as saying every other variable is cipher and you can account for it all. Which is not true.

Calories matter but it's nowhere as simple as calories in, calories out and reducing complex scientific ideas to slogans doesn't help the cause of educating the public.

This idea preys on the lack of scientific knowledge of the audience. Our job is to educate the public not manipulate them.

It's calories in calories out only when all other variables remain constant. Which is highly improbable.

You can't explain weight gain and weight loss purely with calories, there's more to it than that. "Case closed."

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