Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Health Is Something That Is Always Relevant

Doesn't matter what topic someone is talking about, unless they are at least attempting to take care of their health, it will feel like hypocrisy.

How can they give expert advice or knowledge when they can't do the simple things for themselves?

"The cobbler has no shoes."

How can the cobbler be an expert in shoes if he doesn't have any? The cobbler took care of everyone else and forgot about himself. You want to improve those around you, your family, your work, maybe you give talks for a living; but if you don't start with yourself then how are you any different from everyone else?

Health matters and everyone is paying attention, and they will use that to evaluate if you have conviction in your words.

As my friend Nina put it, as they are attempting to explain to you how you can influence your own circumstance, do they believe they can influence their own?
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