Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mind Hacks To Make You Smarter

What Can I Do To Make Myself Smarter?

  • Spend Time Offline
  • Doing Something Mentally Different
  • Social Thinking
  • Using Passion To Drive Memory And Creativity
  • Don’t Just Follow The “Thought Leaders” Or Elite
  • Knowing When And When Not To Use Automated Intelligence
  • Video Games, Annex Of Learning
  • Adapting Thinking Strategies
  • Using Technology To Amplify Your Mind

Spend Time Offline

We aren't harnessing technology by always being online. We are connecting to power relations that emerge from technology, work stuff or social stuff.

It constantly distracts the mind, and with employers it could be constantly undermining the thoughts of high caliber employees.

Doing Something Mentally Different

Do something new, something you're not good at, something you don't normally do. It's new stimulus and emotionally valuable. You are creating cognitive diversity, and it's a crucial skill that you need for overall adaptability. From cooking, playing an instrument, a new sport, exercising, reading, drawing, sign language, etc.

Social Thinking

A huge amount of human cognition has relied on resources outsides of our heads in the same way that the basics of our memory relied very heavily on social dynamics, social remembering, or what psychologists call transactive memory.

Intelligence isn't built in a vacuum nor reading books for hours on end by yourself. You need people to bounce ideas off of, get into heated conversations, or just being around others. The smarter your friends are, the smarter you are. The more you surround yourself with diverse people and ideas, the more diverse thinking you acquire.

Use Passion To Drive Memory and Creativity

Passion is what drives memory. Things you care about deeply, where you won't be easily distracted and internalize the knowledge. Writing about it, thinking about it, talking about it embeds the knowledge deeper.

Almost being obsessive about it. Teachers are looking for ore ways to seduce people into thinking about science, this is how we will create the next breakthroughs. It has to mean something to you, and it has to matter.

Don't Just Follow The Thought Leaders Or Elite

Internet creates cultural elites and this cultural elitism assumes if everyone is not reading what they read, or cares about what they care about, they must be dumb. Human interests and passions are diverse and sometimes the internet can create a gap between what these people think everyone cares about, and what everyone really cares about.

These cultural elites and a new term "thought leaders" are not always correct and you would be wise to make your own opinions. Avoid elitist thinking.

Know When And When Not To Use Automated Intelligence

An example is with calculators and learning math. The evidence seems to show that if you give a kid a calculator too early a stage in their learning they won’t learn it quite as well because they don’t get the chance to really wrestle with those procedures internally.

From spelling, researching, or even driving. The more we rely on automation, the less we develop our own conceptual skills.

Video Games, Annex Of Learning

Games give people rules in solving a problem that they can get excited about. See a problem, collect your data, hypothesis, fail, do it over and over again, refine hypothesis, collect more data, and solve the problem. The scientific method.

Adapting Thinking Strategies

As simple as reading a paper book, to reading a book on e-paper. Taking hand notes or digital notes, memorizing through essay or tweets, there's many thinking strategies you can benefit from than the ones you are used to.

Using Technology To Amplify Your Mind

Technology gives us an ability to retrieve information quickly, share and spread ideas, make ideas more concise, expand ideas and knowledge. Based on the user, it can be a tool to expand your knowledge base or make it very limited and make distraction a habit.

Source: Psychology Today
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