Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Carbs Vs Fats Experiment

21 days of Low Carb High Fat
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Meet Sam Feltham

He runs a website called Smash The Fat. For 21 days he ran an experiment where he ate around 5,000 calories a day. He actually did this twice.

Low Carb High Fat Results

He first ran the experiment with low carb, high fat and protein. He gained less than 3lbs. Interestingly his waist measurement went down by 1.25 inches.

High Carb Diet

21 days of High Carb

High Carb Results

Feltham did it again with the same calories, but from carbohydrate-rich diet. He gained 15.6lbs. He also gained 3.7 inches in his waist.

There's actually been many studies finding similar results and in prevention of disease. Most recently a study from The British Journal Of Nutrition studying calorie restriction vs carb restriction on weight, behavior, and disease. This just happens to be a real life example, and provides a great visual. I've written before about fats and the brain, and a recent best seller Grain Brain goes into more detail.

How Feltham explains it


Food has become very political and this has become a hot button topic. Refined carbs vs saturated fats. Carb restriction vs calorie restriction. Vegan vs paleo. Robert Lustig vs Ancel Keys.

If lowering carbs is a solution, and the information is out there, why are there still people overweight? It's like if a disease is preventable, why do we still have the disease? Dr. Peter Attia does a great job answering this.


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