Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things We Will Not Do

Things we won't do because it's inefficient and ineffective:

Set up consultations over the phone - It invariably leads to phone tag and wastes vital time that could have been saved via email.

Allow people to train with a spouse or friend - It makes more money for us per minute but it also is a diluted form of our training and is exponentially less effective, and has similar results to a group class. In which case you could conserve your money and take a group class. We want to maximally help people, not sort of help people.

Allow others to set up training for someone else - If you aren't the person who is going to be getting the training, we will not communicate with you. If they can't take the time to look into this and contact us directly, it will never work. Some "trainers" love it when someone buys training as a gift for a loved one, not us. We have to vet every new client and every new client must also come in with the mindset that they picked this on their own. If they feel like it was someone else who signed them up for it, they will never value it at the level we need to create life long results. We can only help those with the desire to be helped, having someone else set it up implies no desire.
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