Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Train Models

When you train models, you don't want to do exercises that create curves, that's a no no. You want them to be kind of formless.

Also getting them too lean is also a no no, as seeing any muscle tone or God forbid abs, are also frowned upon in the modeling world. So having some fat and not too much muscle is good.

And whether its muscle being burned off or fat, or vital fluids, its all the same as long as your weight keeps going down. Its not about being obese or overfat, its literally about weight. Overweight vs underweight. Underweight but fat seems to be the ideal.

So the ideal model body is formless and skinny fat. This is the body image being thrown down our necks??? No wonder the popular work out methods (and least effective) for women are all about building no muscle, and just either stretching, sweating, posing in front of a mirror, or a combination of all of them.

Read more about how to train models: NY Times
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