Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why Personal Trainers Suck: A Trainer Speaks His Mind

This guy speaks the truth. He's passionate, intense, and in a very short video encapsulates a lot of the problems of the industry.

I have to humblebrag for a second but we are probably one of the top personal training programs in Los Angeles with over 100 inquiries a week with no advertising.

Most of our sessions last up to 90 minutes and no one pays near $100 for that session. There have been clients who worked out longer than 90 but I don't recommend it. We could charge over a 100 but that would mean we only end up training a certain type of clientele, and that clientele does not always make us excited to get up in the morning.

And with my colleagues who charge ridiculous sums of money who teach kicking and punching when they don't know how to kick and punch, who teach oly lifting who don't know how to oly lift, or kettlebells when they don't know how to use a kettlebell or call it a kettle ball, that gravy boat never lasts.

Side rant - How have you been training people and working out for so long without knowing how to do anything?

I'm not hating because like I said we do okay, its for me from the perspective of the clients.

Experience doesn't justify anything

A lot of trainers use "experience" as their justification for their qualifications.
"Practice makes permanence."
If you've been a terrible trainer with terrible training knowledge, and terrible ideas about physical culture or properly executing lifts and injury prevention protocols, all experience will do is make it worse and make you think you really don't have anything to learn.

Trainers have a hard time correcting clients, but no one is harder to correct than a trainer, especially one who's been doing it for a while. I have some friends who have been doing this much longer than I have, and there are certain areas they have limited knowledge in and you can just see sometimes they have no interest in learning more.

In martial arts it's different, which is my original background. It doesn't matter if you started before me, I can still get to black belt before you as long as I surpass you in skill. Outside of martial arts, if you quantify your skill level over another, you will invariably hurt someone's feelings.

But this speaker does miss one point. Sometimes people are insistent on paying for personality, glamour, or looks. You can't fault the trainer for that one.
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