Friday, July 12, 2013

To Fitness People

Stop looking for healthier processed foods and just eat real foods.

This includes health professionals, fitness models, body builders, martial artists, and the others who live off of powders, sports drinks, pills, pre-made foods, juices, shakes, etc.

This is how I end up being different from my peers and start to offend them. But you are setting an example for the rest, people look to you. Don't give them short cuts. Don't glamorize starving yourself or over-training, or act cutting edge because you eat mostly stuff from a supplement store, or make it seem okay to over indulge because you were the opposite extreme a week ago. Did you train hard all week just so you could have a cheat day? Did you get into health so you could starve yourself for some event or photoshoot? Then binge once it was over?

Health is about lifelong healthy habits. Not being extreme one way, extreme the other way. Just be normal. Just eat food, lots of real food. Stop trying to make it easy, overhaul your kitchen and learn to make your own healthy foods. Otherwise the change isn't real.

Your health is only as good as the availability of all the things you are reliant on like your pills and powders and the nearest gym. If that's your idea of health, how will you get a child healthy? Get them to lift weights? Take protein shakes? Eat ready-to-go low fat meals? Are any of your habits transferable?

So then are your motivational work out pictures and mantras to inspire others, or are you still trying to convince yourself?
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