Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Hard Science Of Health

There is still much debate over what the best ways to lose weight or get healthy are

Nutrition and health isn't like chemistry or physics where you come up with formulas, run the math, test your findings, and have a standard of deviation of .0001 nor can you ethically do a lot of the experiments you need to do on human beings to get more objective findings.

It's why so many studies will say "linked," "may be linked," or "correlated." We can't treat people like numbers or compounds or machines. This is an important distinction. We must always be humane.

It's why its not as simple as calories in and calories out, that's the popular belief but popular belief and truth are two different things. There are too many variables with living things. Is fat the problem or is it sugar? Did I get diabetes because of heredity or because I picked up eating habits from my diabetic parents?

But we argue over the methods. Create a philosophy that suits our belief system or become dogmatic. Study up on findings or read magazine articles or whatever the new seductive buzz about health is going around. We learn about exercise, physiology, anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, biology, etc. Or we just base a lot of our knowledge on whatever is popular or from our peers (many industry professionals are guilty of this behavior).

At the end of the day though, whether you're a trainer, a doctor, or a nutritionist, you're dealing with people, and lots of them. Something you may not have ever properly been prepared for. In all the hours of studying and reading, how much of that time was spent on learning how to counsel and work with all kinds of people? They lack information yes, but lack of information isn't the center of their disease or illness.

Beyond Holistic: Deep Health

I don't like the term holistic. It's become a buzz word, and gives an idea of it being more of a spiritual process or an alternative process.

That's not what we're about, instead we're about a deeper understanding of health. That health is not just medicine, or exercise, or diet, or stretching and breathing exercises. It goes beyond that, it has intangibles, and links many things together and like you it's always evolving. It's about the attempt to go beyond surface level job one stuff, and really understanding our clients.

So many of health related issues of today are preventable because the causes are behavioral or linked to some social factor. If that's the case, then shouldn't there be more emphasis on changing behavior, mindset, patterns, habits, environment, and lifestyle?

Instead of just training people in exercise or telling them what to eat, shouldn't we try some actual coaching and counseling? Or at least attempt to? Isn't that the humane thing to do?

But we can't always bill for that, or charge for that. We have to do it because we care.

We aren't dealing with hard numbers here. We're dealing with people. This is an important distinction.

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