Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Butter Coffee Experiment

Starting your day with fat in your coffee

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So when I started this butter coffee thing (also referred to as BP coffee), I tested it out on a few of our new clients and some older clients who volunteered. The results were astonishing.

Josefine - lost 13lbs in 3 months (her starting BMI wasn't that high so the amount she lost was surprising.)
Sarah - 8lbs 2 months.
Melody - 20lbs 2 months.
Miko - 5 more lbs (which she doesn't need to lose, it was a side effect like mine so we had to get her to put it back on. She just wanted more energy).
And of course
Michelle - 3lbs (she's already lean, its just getting her really defined and her muscle mass went up quite a bit).

The new clients all did better than the average.

So with all this said this is NOTTTTTT a miracle super food. So don't be taking this thinking you will see amazing changes. Its more for coffee drinkers, who would be drinking regardless. It's not about creating a new habit, its about altering or mitigating a previous habit.

Its not just the coffee, we used is strategically to curb appetite. So no snacking, smaller dinners became easier and a familiar idea from the first day. And those who of course followed the plan to the letter with no compromise, tended to do better. Which is always easier with newer clients.

Miko said it gives her more energy and less appetite at night.

Melody initially thought it made her gain weight, then she lost 20. Took 2 weeks to get acclimated.
Josefine probably felt the most difference on it, said its changed her whole energy system, and her appetite.

Michelle Y. said it took some getting used to, and she felt a little nausea from the oil at first, but now she feels good on it.

According to Sarah,
"Being a hardcore coffee drinker I was really upset when I had to stop drinking coffee due to the fact that I couldn't digest it properly. When I realized BP coffee doesn't have any acidity to it, I was super stoked! BP coffee, similar to regular coffee, gives me extra energy in the morning. In addition it definitely helps stem my appetite in the mornings, I'm automatically eating smaller portions and it helps me get all the way through to lunch without snacking. I've run out BP coffee and been off of it for the past 3 days and it sucks! Energy in the morning is down and I feel the need to eat larger breakfast portion. I finally gave in today and decided to make myself a regular coffee - bad idea."
This is of course along with following the AOE diet protocols, and it's altered for each person. Stress, activity, sleep are also even bigger factors to anything working or not.

(More on everyone's results once we tally all the numbers)

It's just a tool. Your body has 2 forms of fuel, simplest ways to say it is fat and sugars. If you have a lot of fat as fuel, it doesn't demand as much glucose. (If you have a form of mental or chemical dependence on sugar, that's a different matter but will still be different than cravings plus your body running on no fuel, as just opposed to plain old cravings and your body having plenty of fuel.)

With less sugar in your system, less glycemic load, less overall grams of carbs per day, a typical side benefit is weight loss or fat loss or both. Coffee itself increases metabolism as well, and has appetite suppressing qualities which has been well documented.

The thing with someone who doesn't drink coffee, or someone who wants to use it specifically as an aid for weight loss, it can create undue stress, expectations, lack of patience, and may diminish positive benefits.

"It's been 4 days, nothings happened!" or "It's a week and my weight went up!" and you abandon the whole process. Or expect cravings to be completely gone or the feelings from the coffee to be stronger or replace willpower all together.

Nothing replaces willpower, discipline, and mindset.

That's why it was easier on new clients, they had no expectations yet and just saw it as a part of a bigger overall change and didn't expect anything out of the coffee. Also since they were new, they were more open to it, nothing was comfortable yet. I guess then it all comes back to mindset and comfort. You're always more willing to challenge convention on the first day.

It's just a different way to drink your coffee, and over time in some people it tends to have some benefits to weight loss. It is what it is, I don't believe in superfoods. Just less bad foods.

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