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How Am I Not Losing Weight When I Eat So Well

Let's be rational about this

Some people feel they are doing well with health. Maybe they are healthy. If just overall health is what you're after and not a number on the scale or how you look in the mirror, read no further.

But if you're feeling like you're doing so well but are frustrated in lack of weight loss, then we have to take emotions out of it and just look at the raw data.

But before you read further than this, also consider if weight loss is worth all the stress and strain. Or is the compassionate path, self acceptance. Meaning maybe you don't have a 6 pack but you're at a weight and BMI that is good for longevity. Forget what the media says. If you're healthy, you're healthy. Don't chase perfection, you will lose every time.

I care about my clients. They care about their weight. Sometimes it gets confusing but their weight only matters to me when it matters to them.

But maybe you aren't at a place where you're even healthy, or you want more than health, you want to be optimal. Or maybe you just really really want to look sexy naked.

Without going into medical reasons or tricks around getting more weight loss, let's forget the assumption that there is some outside force preventing you from obtaining what it is you'e after.

Let's not assume you're sick, or their is a problem with the methods or diet. That's the easy thing to do.

In a rational argument, one of the rules are, you can't argue from a position that you're position is automatically true

The premise a lot of people assume is the truth is, "I am doing everything right. I am doing everything perfectly. So if everything is perfect, it makes no sense why it is not causing the effect that I desire."

So let's come from the perspective that you are not correct, that you are not perfect. Actually come on, no ones perfect and imperfect people do imperfect things. But to what degree?

Most people who are on a fitness quest are guilty of this. They say they are doing so well but here's what's really going on.

"I eat really well, dinner is my only splurge. And I'm good all week, and on weekends I want to enjoy myself. I don't binge, I am just not strict. I think that's fair and pretty damn good."

If you're happy with that, leave it at that. If you're looking for reasons why you're not going towards more progress, then looks look at the numbers.

Eating following whatever diet you might be on let's say 2 out of 3 meals is 67% of your day. It could be worse, it could be better. I generally find this to be the case though.

And Mon - Fri you are following all your guidelines. Sat and Sun you are not. That's 71% of the week. And that's being generous, most people start going off their regiment starting on Friday nights dinner or Friday happy hour.

So your definition of perfect or doing so well is actually 67% of "perfect" eating per day 71% of the week. And that's me being generous.

That's 48% of the time!

10 meals out of a possible 21. But compared to where you were, or people you know, or compared to 0%, maybe it does look perfect.

If we included little snacks here and there, little drinks here and there, an occasional cigarette, or bite of someone's this and that, and it may be even worse than this. But we don't focus on the reality, we focus on the good qualities.

This also can include exercise. Maybe you told yourself when you started this fitness quest, you will work out 4 times a week, no matter what. 4 times a week actually turned into twice a week. And since you are busy, out of town, holidays, birthdays, vacations, guests coming over, etc. you are only able to manage working out 3 out of 4 weeks every month.

So you work out 50% of the amount your promised yourself, 75% of the month. So you are at 37.5% of fulfilling your work out promises to yourself. 6 out of a possible 16. But working out at least has become a habit, so you focus on that good quality.

The average of the 2 scores being 42%

How did that ever seem perfect? Because we are human. It's why we call in sick to avoid a hard test. It's why people avoid confrontations. Its why people pay for training and never show up.

But if let's say you sit all day, you're stress is sky high, you occasional binge on sugar, and you sleep really late and poorly, its a recipe for disaster.

Then why you're not getting where you want to be makes perfect sense. But knowing how to get there and getting yourself to do it all the time 24/7 are two different things. So people want to know, what else you got. They constantly switch from plan to plan, hoping something works. But none of them work, or work sustainably unless you do it all the time forever. That means you have to change as a person, that means sometimes changing your environment or your situation.

These are just the numbers and if you can improve those numbers, you will see the progress you want. Or love yourself the way you are, that's another great option. Either way it's up to you.

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