Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vegetarian Fed Label: What Does It Mean?

But vegetarian fed is always misleading because it was always supposed to be fed vegetarian. For a while farmers with no scruples fed livestock some rendered or leftover meats or ground up live stock. Hence how mad cow disease spread. It was a way to cut costs, so vegetarian fed means they are actually being fed what they were always meant to be fed. But they are still being fed corn, wheat, and other grains. It doesn't even mean organic corn or wheat or grains.

Most see it and thing its one step below grass fed or pasture raised when it doesn't mean anything like that, it just means no animal products in the feed.

With animals like chicken, they are supposed to eat things like bugs as well, which isn't vegetarian but is pasture raised.

Most of my diet consists of vegetables. But when I do eat eggs, I make sure its pasture raised eggs, and when I eat beef it's grass-fed. There is no substitute for me.
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