Saturday, June 29, 2013

Refined Carbs Makes You Crave More Refined Carbs

A new article that most of us intuitively knew to be true is that eating refined carbs just increases your cravings. It does not satisfy your cravings.

So the question is, some people feel like they can't maintain anything unless they are allowed to eat sweets or carbs in moderation. But if it causes more cravings, can such a thing even be done? Will it just make things harder for yourself?

Or do some people have to come to terms with their food addictions and avoid it all together. Hence why there are things like Overeater's Anonymous and Food Addicts Anonymous. Can you have your cake and eat it sometimes? I guess it depends on the person. But if you're the type of person who can't have cake at all, will you recognize it? Both organizations are valuable and I wholeheartedly recommend either to people who need it, or even therapy to control your relationship with food. It come's down to your relationship with food.

I notice with snacking, or people who try to eat a lot of meals throughout the day to lose weight, all it ever does is makes them more hungry. Increases appetite. Makes their ability to resist food weaker, they get hungrier faster and more often. In my experience, I've found more meals and snacks just make people want more meals and more snacks.

But this is the problem with the "bro science" and the "hippy science" out there. Whether you are a vegan yoga practitioner or a protein drinking gym rat, both think lots of meals throughout the day and fat not sugar is the enemy.

Read the article: NY Times
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