Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Can I Eat Healthy At Restaurants

No matter how healthy you try to eat at restaurants, and avoid this or that, or ask for things without this or or without adding that, restaurants will tend to have more sodium in their dishes than things you could make at home. So no matter how healthy you eat at restaurants, if you are constantly eating out, you are typically going to be over-exposed to salt and when there is salt, sugar is always hiding.

I know some people will say, I only eat at fancy restaurants. Well listen, as a brilliant client once said, whenever a famous chef from a fancy restaurant is a judge on some cooking show, one of the things they always complain about is, "this thing has no seasoning."

We eat at restaurants because its convenient, and restaurants are good at making things just rich, salty, savory, or sweet enough without going overboard. The good ones anyway.

You can ask for no salt, but it doesn't matter because it goes too much into the preparation of most things. They just won't add any extra salt.

If you are wondering why your weight fluctuates so much or hit a plateau even though you are making all the right choices, ask yourself how often you are eating out.

Restaurants taste good because they know how to use salt and sugar to make things taste good. Even without adding salt on things or you ask for things without salt, it will STILL be there. I'm sorry, but that's how it is or they will be out of business because no one will want to eat there.
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