Friday, June 14, 2013

A's Hire A's

A+ people hire A+ people.

There is a business saying that I love, A's hire A's and B's hire C's.

It means high achievers want to hire other high achievers who will add value to the company that they themselves do not bring to the table. They don't fear this person because they know their own value. This is true for wanting your friends to do well, it means in the end having friends do well means you will benefit as well.

B's aren't as confident as A's so they hire a grade below. They tend to secretly want their friends to fail, so they can feel better about themselves. They hate on others to secure their own position. They hire a grade below to protect their own job.

I think about this in everything: friendships, relationships, things I buy, businesses I deal with, places I shop, martial arts I train, I mean literally everything.

In martial arts I know many people who train at inferior schools so they can be the top dog.

Even when I started in the training business, I remember asking people I knew and "friends" who I thought were doing well and knowledgeable for some help and guidance, and I always got a sense that they didn't want me to know their secret sauce. They weren't very helpful at all, and stand off-ish. I actually got more advice and help from trainers and coaches I didn't even know, but they were also a lot more successful. True A's as opposed to B's. I had an idea for an invention, I asked a guy I knew who had gone down that road for help. No help. I asked a very prolific entrepreneur with many patents, he went out of his way. I've felt this same thing in a lot of things, from school, life, even relationships where I got no love from B, but A's had no problems and wanted to be involved because they saw that I could be an A too.

I guess in a way then that "hating" I receive is a good thing. It means I'm doing something right.

A+ coaches train A+ clients.

With personal training, we tend to only train people who are quality individuals who would benefit from our program. We don't want ego, divas, or self important people. A Hollywood producer client wanted me to set my appointments with him through his assistant. I said either get a new coach, or you handle that yourself. He sets all his own appointments.

A+ achievers eat A+ foods.

This is the same for food. If you are attempting to put health first, make it a priority, or you want to be successful in life, or be happy, then you have do everything with quality, including eating. For that matter, including sleeping. There are people who abuse their body who get successful, but they are the exception and not the rule.

Nearly every successful person I know puts quality into everything they do or in things they use. Sometimes we forget about this with food. Be consistent.

I once asked a successful client why they spent more money on something when they could have gotten it cheaper, he said "because it's better and this is something I use a lot."

I asked him why he lives like a rich man, but eats like a poor man then?

I asked a successful friend about a lawyer referral. I asked if his lawyer was expensive, he said "he is, but I like to win."

I like to win, in everything I do. I eat foods that help me win.
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