Sunday, June 16, 2013

An Ideal Week

I always give examples of what not to do. A client asked me for an example of what a good week looks like.

So here you go Gav.

As far as exercise goes. 3 days a week of strength and balance training. Included in it, rounds of sprints or intense cardio no more than 20 minutes. (you don't want exercise to be too time consuming that it makes you always in a race to catch up with other things in your life, use this extra time to cook and shop for food). Here is the other thing, daily workouts will NEVER be intense. Your 3x a week workout has to be intense, enough for you to feel some of the effects during your next work out. You can even get away with 2x a week.

A daily practice of walking, stretching, moving, especially from the desk. Lots of standing. I like to recommend 12 minutes of yoga sun salutations a day right after you wake up. Start slow and speed up.

2-3 meals a day, no late eating, no snacking if avoidable. Lots of water consumption. Lots of vegetables, protein, and good fats.

A practice of de-stressing every day, and shutting the brain off, including computer and smart phone usage. Meditations, naps, hikes, or doing something that makes you laugh and is completely unrelated to your work.

Good sleep.

Always learning something new and reading. Your brain is a key part of all this.
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