Monday, May 13, 2013

My Diabetic Friend

I have a childhood friend, we've known each other almost 20 years now.

We always joked, because of the way he eats, he would get diabetes. But in our youths we think we are invincible.

Fast forward to now and he sends me a text saying he has diabetes (type 2, adult onset). He has been a life-long martial artist but with a child and little time, he can't join a martial arts gym and wanted to know what I thought about work out DVDs such as P90x.

This is a common train of thought a lot of people may have, I may have thought the same thing in my youth. Part of feeling invincible is that, there is nothing you can do to your body that a lot of working out can't fix.

To put it simply, Diabetes 2 is a problem of insulin resistance, caused by too much blood glucose (blood sugar). The main culprit being diet, followed by other lifestyle factors. But typically poor diet caused the disease, but people think exercise will be the cure...

There are diabetic cyclists, marathon runners, and body builders. Exercise is a part of the solution, but the real factor will be diet. Lowering how much sugar, refined starch and carbs you are ingesting.

I told him that, exercise isn't what he needs. He needs to change his diet. Yeah, yeah he said. Are the videos good or are they bullshit?

Good for what I asked, entertainment value or treating diabetes?

He was starting to get upset and just wanted to know if they were any good or not.

But good in what? For fun? Good for weight loss? Lower blood glucose? What exactly? There is no way you can out exercise a poor diet. Work out and eat anything you want is just false and dangerous. There are plenty of people who work out all the time, do every work out DVD known to man and are still overweight and sick. Even in the martial arts I knew so many obese martial artists who trained nearly every day.

In a way I think he didn't know either what he meant by is it good or not. He just wanted validation and a solution from me. That P90x will get him on the right course.

He didn't ask me what he should start eating, what diet to go on, he wanted to know about exercise. Because in our foolish youth we thought there was no damage that exercise wouldn't be able to fix.

Now we all know at least one childhood friend with diabetes.
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