Saturday, April 27, 2013

What Is Fight Day?

Our clients all get familiar with something called Fight Day. We have a lot of things we that we don't tell people about until they begin training with us. Like our free community work outs. The other being fight day.

We want everyone to be fit. Meaning can they survive nature? Run fast enough, far enough, jump high enough, cling, pull, lift, push? The other aspect of fitness is are they fit enough to protect themselves from others?

One of the things we work on here is getting over discomfort, making friends with it. It is the only way to create change.

We are not just about work outs, that's a small part of what we do. We are mostly about personal development, and the first step in every possible way you can develop, is developing courage.

So we don't tell you when, you won't know the person who is training you in self defense, that's all part of how it really is in real life. We want you to prepare for that. With that said clients say its their favorite day and they have a lot of fun as well. Fun in the unknown. That's courage.

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