Monday, April 8, 2013

Rob Hits His 30LB Weight Loss Goal

It took the right mental attitude to tip him over

By Sam Yang - Get similar updates here

Rob came towards the later part of 2012. He was under a lot of stress. Health was not good, blood pressure not good, cholesterol not good, and his weight was not good.

Maybe he wanted to feel like he could take control over his life. Maybe it was his dad having heart surgery. But he wanted to make a change.

And everyone's journey is unique, and they go at their own pace.

Rob was at the time our most out of shape client. Several clients wanted to know if he would last, if he might quit.

He had to stop every 5 minutes. We walk everyone through a series of stretches prior to work out and we actually had to break the stretches up to give Rob a chance to catch his breath. He would hyperventilate. Speaking to some clients who remembered Rob, they really worried about him. It was easy to question his commitment, who would blame the guy for quitting?

He also never said much, kept to himself, didn't complain. Which was good, but we also never knew what was going on in his head.

He got in better shape, breathing got better, more flexible, but his weight didn't budge. He wasn't giving it his all out effort. His diet was still out of control. I told him day one the struggle isn't this work out even though it must be really tough for him, the struggle will be when he's on his own, and he has to face his relationship with food.

There was a time where he had stopped for a little bit and we weren't sure if he would be back again. Sure enough in a couple of weeks he was back, he told us he needed this.

For all of 2012 his weight barely budged. He was eating Chick-Fil-A after his work outs. It was not sinking in...

Then one day in December, I challenged him to commit to a strict eating and work out schedule and not gain 1lb in December. Do it to spite everyone, all the people who were putting on the holiday weight and would do the cliche thing, try to lose it in January. Don't be that guy!

Well he took that challenge and ran with it, he lost 12lbs in December. He came up to me and he said, "so it really is about the diet huh?" Then the communication began and he talked more and the weight kept coming off. But he did start whining a little bit once he began talking, you got to take the good with the bad.

He lost all 30lbs starting in December of last year until now. He's still not done but in that short amount of time, he moved quickly. It just took him a while to wake up, but if he had given up on it when he had the chance, he would be heavier than when he first started, and all his health markers that much worse.

Weight: -30lbs
Body Fat: 22.6% - 11.7%
Waist: 42in to 36in

He is a great example of someone who had that "aha" moment. One day it just made sense and you won't have that day if you give up. I'm sure he wanted to give up at times, and he struggled. But he didn't complain and he did the work and he's improving quickly now.

So much about this is about getting your mind right. Once that's there, it happens fast.


Since then Rob has lost 20 more pounds and has lost a whopping total of 50lbs!


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