Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Letter From The UK

Hi Sam & Co,

I am curently studying to become a qualified personal trainer.

I am writing and planning for my business and thought it may be wise to look at PT's in the LA area, as it would seem a hotbed for trainers at the top of the game, a very inspirational site I must say!

I have read the website and have a similar background to yourselves (finance) and a lack of fulfillment.

I have lost 54 kilos of body weight and am passionate about helping others to do similar.

I wonder if you have any advice for someone such as myself looking to enter a very competitive fitness market (South Coast of the UK).

I welcome you response, Thank You in advance.


My Response:

Hi Andrew,

My advice is, since you have a financial background. Immerse yourself in as much knowledge as you can. The barrier to become a trainer is low, separate yourself from the pack with your expertise. You must be good at numbers and data, use that to your advantage.

Don't do this to make money, do not think of clients as $$$. Think of them as people. Seriously. Who you train or choose to train creates your whole business. Find a niche, the group that you resonate with. Don't be generic. Be an authority.

And live and breathe this stuff, don't turn it on only when you are around clients. Do this because this somehow defines who you are.

Think big, part of helping people means being able to help as many people as you can. Can, meaning not everyone, only the ones you CAN help. They are out there, find them, help them.

You've accomplished a lot, lost a lot of weight, survived finance. No matter what happens, never doubt your ability to succeed.

With that you'll be fine,


Coach Sam
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