Monday, March 4, 2013

The New You, The Future You

In fitness programs it's all about the new you. You see it in magazines, commercials, infomercials. The new you, the future you, the you for the summer.

But I believe the opposite to be true. The future you is not going to be your friend. You right now, the one who signed up to work out, the one reading this, the one who starts the diet, is the motivated one, the one who has a reason to change, the one who wants it. Future you will tempt you, will tell you not today, I'm not feeling well, I can eat that, I might as well eat that, I can miss working out, I don't know why I started this, I'm not good enough, I can't do it, and every other thing to test your resolve.

You always have to stay loyal to the old you, the one who had convictions because things will get fuzzy in the future, and there will be a half life to your enthusiasm. You must constantly remind yourself of why you started, why this is important.

In the end you won't remember how you did it, but you WILL remember why you did it. Remember why you started, remind yourself every day.
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