Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Difference Between Bruce Lee And Arnold Schwarzenegger

People often fear lifting weights or getting stronger or only stick to cardio because they fear somehow it will magically make them gain weight and bigger. This is just not true. Both Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger both lifted heavy and often. That's actually how Bruce lee broke his back, by doing a really heavy lift without warming up.

Yet they somehow are drastically different in size. It's not how they trained that's the difference, its that what Bruce Lee ate all day was what Arnold ate in one meal. Having more muscle actually makes it harder to gain weight, hence why Arnold and all other body builders are forced to supplement with lots of shakes, protein powders, more shakes, pills, and other things legal and possibly not legal to maintain that size.

If you lifted heavy and maintained your same exact diet or better yet cleaned up your diet and your portions, you will naturally get smaller.

What so often happens though is when people begin to exercise, they eat more, thinking somehow they can afford to eat more since they worked out. Hence why a lot of people gain weight when they work out. You must stay disciplined in your diet.

So before you try cardio to lose weight, try building on some muscle and then try cardio and see what happens.
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