Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kirsten's Experiences With All Out Effort

I joined All Out Effort less than a year ago when I moved to LA - my goal was to lose the weight that has plagued me all my life but more than that to lose it and keep it off instead of the up and down I'd been doing since about 11. Plus my 40th birthday is almost upon me this year and I wanted to be happy with myself for probably the first time ever. I'm not there yet but I've lost 30lbs, have shape to my arms and legs and am pretty sure I have a two-pack that's actually made out of muscle instead of fat rolls.

Sam has a different style and you have to go in to this with the mindset that you want to change. If you have that, he and Cindy will move heaven and earth to help you achieve it but why should they give their all if you're not? I didn't have a lot of faith that this would work when I started but Sam kept telling me to trust him and I did and it worked. From the taking photos of my every meal, to the conscious decisions to eat right, to the showing up for workouts, to the learning to love myself, I've evolved into someone that has forgiven herself (mostly) for the imperfections and accepted what I can and can't change. But surprisingly, some of the things I thought I couldn't change, I was wrong about and I wouldn't never have known if Sam and Cindy hadn't encouraged me and pointed out the way.

One of the most impressive aspects of their training is how much attention they pay to each individual person's needs - it's not a one program fits all. If you have an injury, they work around it and follow up to make sure you're ok afterwards. They step you through strength, technique, stability and keep it different so you work every part of your body regularly. I'll be honest, I have two sessions a week and maybe do only 2 or 3 on my own at home but they must be doing something right because I've seen huge changes in definition that don't just come from losing weight. Seems to be more effective training with exercises that target weak spots and work to correct them. One of the best things for me has been their insistence that a 20 minute workout is ok - I used to do two one hour workouts a day and got totally burnt out. The mental freedom you have from knowing you just have to knock out 20 minutes has been liberating for me and helps me to stay on track far more easily - who can't squeeze 20 minutes in??

I couldn't have gotten this far without Cindy's constant encouragement, listening to my every woe and not forcing advice on me but giving me options that allow me to still have a life. Sam's dedication to his clients shows a level of caring that you don't get with trainers that are just looking to make money.

I would highly recommend the two of them and All Out Effort if you have reached the decision that now is the time and you're prepared to commit and put in the work.

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