Monday, March 11, 2013

Jason's Testimonial

Jason's a director/producer and like so many of us, have an insanely hectic schedule. He is out of town for months at a time. Conditions will never be perfect for him. He will never have enough time, never be in the right situations, never be in town long enough, never be able to train consistently far too many work events, social events, catered food. What do you do? You don't wait for conditions to be perfect, you do what you can whenever you can and you chip away at it and it's a slow progress but it still creates change. This is real and realistic for a lot of people. It's taking him longer but he's never re-gained one pound, one inch, one percentage. It's always been going the right way. It's called progress.
I started training with Sam a year and a half ago. I was 30 lbs overweight and couldn't touch my toes without screaming. Now, I've got 10 lbs to go, and only scream in triumph when I finish my workouts. 
Here's the thing with Sam. Yes, you'll lose weight. Yes, you'll start eating right. Yes, you'll feel better. But here's what's more important. You'll change. You'll be a different person, and you'll carry that difference into your life. No longer will you settle for less than your potential. Not in work, not in life, not in love. And though Sam doesn't deal with any other aspect of your life but your determination and education as it relates to health and balance and strength, the side effects of his training are long lasting. Not only will you develop new habits, but you'll take care of yourself in a way you never thought possible. Sam focuses on the mental stamina and the belief in yourself that is required to be a physical and spiritual warrior. And if warrior isn't your goal, then you'll still be in great shape, groceries will be easier to carry, and people just might mistake you for a warrior. Oh well...
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