Monday, March 25, 2013

Are You Exercising?

What is exercise?

Any activity above a resting threshold that creates a positive physical change that enhances fitness and health, and does not undermine one to enhance the other.

There are thousands of activities people do for exercise (from walking, hiking, cycling, yoga, weights, jogging, martial arts, etc), but though they may be physical activity, not all of them qualify as exercise. This may upset some readers.

There are a host of physical activities that people love to do as a hobby and are recommended as forms of exercise. People do them no longer for health benefits but for enjoyment. Which has its own forms of positive rewards but may not create physical changes and may detriment your body.

You must ask, is it asking your body to change? It may have at one time but does it still? Is there now more risk of injury than chance of physical change? Do you find it challenging or can you do it for an hour or more, and without much muscle soreness (though their might be issues with joints)?

You make time for physical activities you enjoy. But do you also make time for exercise? Because real exercise isn't always fun. Whereas a lot of physical activity becomes fun because it becomes easy.

Train your mind to find enjoyment in challenges. I don't mean you can run a 5k easily and now run a 10k to challenge yourself. Or you're good at yoga so now do a hot yoga to challenge yourself. I mean find what you're not good at, minimize weaknesses, elicit change and make yourself resistant to injury, don't further hurt yourself with your activity.

Ultimately create an exercise program that challenges every facet of your being, but that all starts with assessments.
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