Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Myths About Nutrition

Common food myths people defend like religion

1. Eggs are unhealthy.
  • Eggs do not cause heart disease and increases good cholesterol.
2. Saturated fat is bad for you (oh yes we are going there).
  • Newer studies show that saturated fats do not clog arteries. Natural foods with saturated fats are in fact good for you.
3. Everybody should be eating grains.
  • Grains are relatively low in nutrients in comparison to real vegetables and carry a host of health problems.
4. Eating lots of protein is bad for your kidneys and bones.
  • Eating a high protein diet is associated with improved bone health and a lower risk of fracture. High protein also lowers blood pressure and improves diabetes symptoms, which should lower the risk of kidney failure.
5. Low fat foods are good for you.
  • Low fat foods are typically highly processed foods with loads of sugar and artifical sweeteners. Bad unless its a naturally low fat food, like vegetables.
6. You should eat many small meals throughout the day.
  • There is no evidence it makes any difference how often you eat per day. There is more evidence to show that not eating from time to time is good for you.
7. Carbs should be your biggest source of calories.
  • High carb diets usually consist of a lot of starch and sugar. May work for naturally lean people but fails miserably for people who struggle with weight.
8. High omega-6 seed and vegetable oil is good for you
  • Too much omega-6 exists in our diet and is highly imflammatory. Omega-3 is the anti-inflammatory fat. Not all omegas are good omegas.
9. Low carb diets are dangerous.
  • Even if you never ate meat, and only ate raw vegetables, technically you would be on a low carb diet. Even though all you ate was carbs. It is low carb in comparison to the high starch sugary modern diet. Natural carbs meaning vegetables is low carbs, along with meat is the best diet.
10. Sugar is unhealthy because it is empty calories.
  • Sugar has a host of medical problems way beyond that its empty calories.
11. High fat foods will make you fat.
  • Eating fat doesn't make you fat!

Source: Authority Nutrition
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