Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anita's Transformation: In Progress

Anita loses 31lbs and 7 inches off waist

Anita had already started to make some changes in her life when she came to us and had dropped a few pounds already but she felt stagnant and needed something that would not only give her the push but make it sustainable. She's lost a few pounds before in the past, what's to make her think it would be any different this time doing on her own? So she made a leap of faith. Kind of.

When she arrived, I could tell she was a bit scared. In fact she was missing a lot of our sessions until I gave her "the talk." The talk was, the whole reason you came here was to change, and change is scary and there's nothing we can do about that so make friends with it.

She was dealing with a severely bad back, PCOS, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and she was pre-diabetic. She had a fear of becoming like her uncle who was sick in the hospital. She did not want to become like that.

Our process is always about HAVE THEM MOVE WELL THEN HAVE THEM MOVE A LOT. Once we do that, then we can build a big engine, once we build a big engine, we can burn off all the fuel. This is the only sane and sustainable way to do things. So that's what we did.

Months and months later with a few breaks here and there, Anita has come a long way. No more PCOS, her blood work came back, blood pressure was good, cholesterol was healthy, and she was no longer PRE-DIABETIC! Not only that her back was feeling better as well, she was no longer confused about how to eat or what's considered a good diet. She's now an authority among her friends. One of her secrets has been keeping herself accountable by making it all transparent. She let everyone know what she was attempting and constantly posted updates on her Facebook. And she's also been one of our most active clients in our community events and on our Facebook group. We are only as strong as a bundle of sticks and she used our AOE community to keep her strong. Even during the times when she wasn't training with us and on her own.

Find health first and the rest will follow. That's been the key. After all her health changes, her physical changes doesn't seem as important but here they are:

Weight: 31lbs down
BMI: From 35 to 30
Body Fat: 35% to 24.7%
Waist: -7 inches
Hips: -3 inches
Here's the biggest change, she carried so much of her weight on her upper body.
Shoulders: -9 inches!

Anita will hit more milestones, and it will get easier. She's moving better and her engine is big, so all the hard work has been done. Now she just needs to believe it's going to get easier from here on out. It starts and continues with belief.
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