Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Blast From The Past

I am glad to hear from readers about how much my articles, emails, and Facebook updates have influenced people in small ways. But initially I stated this because I wanted to affect those close to me, like my family, my friends, without telling them things directly. Just there if they ever wanted to read it.

I knew my message was getting out there, but always with strangers, people I didn't know. Wasn't sure if it got to the people close to me. There's a saying that you can influence everyone except those in your home country. 

Well I got an email recently from a friend I hadn't seen in years. Someone I didn't know even knew I was a training coach. I wasn't even aware she knew I had a website or a Facebook for All Out Effort. Someone who I used to see not eat so healthy, not be so healthy, drink a bit too much, stay up too late, being negative for the sake of being negative. How did I know this person? Because I was once like this as well. We actually met because we both used to love eating a lot of unhealthy food and met as part of an eating club. We thought bad eating and drinking was something that made us cool. She was one of those girls who thought working a sweat and being active was not cool but gross. But we've both grown a lot since then.

It reminds me a bit of my friend Nana's transformation

This was her email:
Hi Sam!
Hope all is well.

Gosh it's been a while since we seen each other but just want to let you know your website is very inspiring and motivating!

Over the course of last year, I cut down on drinking almost to nil. And worked on eating right and being active. Not because I have to but because I want to and enjoy it. It's almost become a second nature to want to do the right thing for my mind and body. I guess I don't enjoy the things I used to like anymore and it's almost curious to me how I once did.

Anyways. just thought I'd let you know how much your site and posts help mentally even though I don't train with you. :)
It took her a few minutes to write this email but it's had a huge impact on me and it encourages me to keep posting and writing and being positive.
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