Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why Aren't I As Strong As I Look?

I got this message recently:
"A relative of mine caught me doing the AOE basic workout during the weekend and I guess he took it lightly. Push ups he can do no problem.. One handed, with his wife on his back even.. But when it came to bridges and lunges with jumps or burpees, he just couldn't do it. Just stared at your amazing wife who was doing every rep with flawless form. What gives? What's with his body...? This guys looks like the hulk! My husband saw his shirt tear at the seams while he was doing push ups @_@"
It's a common case where the way someone works out does not necessarily increase his abilities. It also implies he may have muscle dysfunctions. True strength isn't just about adding strength, its more about eliminating dysfunction. Just as health isn't all about working out, it's a lot about diet and lifestyle.

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