Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Call To Action

An open letter to all clients, past, present, and future:

So listen...

You guys all got stuff going on. I don't care. Show up! This year I really want to push for better attendance. I could show you graphs, but our most consistent clients do the best, plain and simple (not our most athletic). If you committed to twice a week, come twice. If you committed to once a week, come once a week. In a year, some of our once a week clients come once every 3 weeks. Our twice a week clients come once every 2 weeks. Our three times a week clients come really once a week.

The counter argument is, I am out of town a lot or have big projects or I am always sick and so on. Well then, come more often when you're in town, not working, or not sick, don't have school, to increase your average. Coming twice a week when you are gone a huge chunk of the year will not average out in your favor.

And it will not make training any more expensive because when you budgeted it out in your head and on paper, you planned to come once, or twice, or three times a week consistently every week, week in and week out. So almost everyone of you has surplus budget at this point. Did you spend that extra money on your health?

And if NOTHING else, then just commit to what you can. Do more than before. I've had people train with a broken back, broken ankle, post surgery, pre-surgery, pregnant, cancer survivor, someone who was in the middle of cancer treatments, training after death in the family, etc. There are always ways, how can we deny someone who's committed? Conditions will NEVER be perfect, you know this in other aspect of your life. You guys are all successful in your own ways, so apply it to health.

Most trainers and gyms want you to pay them and never show up. I DO NOT want AOE to make our money like that.

You are stressed, you are depressed, you are hurt, you got school, you got a midlife crisis, your are not feeling well, you are tired, you didn't sleep, you got family drama, work drama, relationship drama, you had a nightmare, you are emo, I don't care. We are not your friends, you got plenty of those. You also have other people in your life who want to understand where you are coming from. We are your coaches and the facilitators of your change, we are just your guides, and this is a collaboration and you promised to meet us halfway. This is not a joke, old you committed to something. So you of today are the one who needs to live up to that commitment.

But most of all, you all came and committed to me personally that this time, it's different, you will give it your all, you will not give up or make excuses. You all told me your life history and why this means so much to you, so I owe it to that person who walked in the door to remind them of the commitment they made to me.

This e-mail is not coming from a place of anger but from a place of passion. I got into this business to send out e-mails like this, remind people of their promises, and give them shakabuku (a swift spiritual kick in the head that knocks some sense into them).

I really care about you all, so care about yourselves now. 100% of you said, "Sam I need to finally put myself first." So do it.


Coach Sam
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