Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why The Fight Day Training

One of the things we do to mix things up and create more confidence and coordination for our clients is something we call Fight Day. It not only teaches body awareness but it does something to their self esteem and self empowerment like nothing else does. Fitness is your ability to protect yourself from nature (run fast enough, far enough, jump high enough, cling your body weight, pull your body weight, etc.) but it also means your ability to defend yourself against others as well. You don't need to know that much to do that since you won't be the one starting the fights, just enough to defend and escape.

We never tell them when it's going to be so it feels like a real life event, and when we do it we always bring in an expert in a field of martial arts whether its BJJ, or kickboxing, or someone with tactical knowledge.

It's something that's just a benefit of training with us and is not something anyone needs to sign up for or pay extra for but its a lot of fun. Its one of many things we do like surprise clients with free weekend training, free bootcamps, free self defense seminars, free outings, dinners, events, because its all about creating a community. We are only as strong as a united bundle of sticks.

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