Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Have No Goals

I had a prospective client come in a while back. In talking to her and while she was filling out the questionnaire she disclosed to me that she had no goals. She told me what she was looking for in a trainer and what kind of training she likes, what things she doesn't like, but she still had no goals. She actually told me she didn't want to change.

Sound strange? I hear it quite often actually. This is normal and more trainers would hear this if they actually asked the questions I did. A lot of them tell the clients what their goal should be, "how would you feel if you lost x amount of pounds?" Or, "you have too much body fat, let's make that our goal."

But as a coach and a trainer we are in the business of change, in the business of compassion, and in the business of goals and why you want them in the first place. If they don't want to change and don't have any goals, I can't in good conscious take their money, I can't help them, this isn't the right training for them.

What's really appalling though is that a lot of times these people have had several trainers in the past, who had no qualms about taking their money even though the client had no goals and wasn't looking to change anything about themselves. Basically hiring an adult babysitter...

Unfortunately that's what they want. Sometimes clients will forget their goals or old habits kick in and stop wanting to change, we were hired to remind them of their goals and keep them on track even if it means possibly losing the client.

A lot of clients like this may come in and trainers can train them because it's about the trainer. They tell you what kind of trainer they want, you tell them that's the kind of trainer you are and sign the deal. What it should really be about is the process, the program and not about hiring a trainer but instead finding a good program/process. This is our process, this is how you will change, this is really about you, not about me. You may hire the kind of trainer you like but have you signed up for the kind of program that you need?

Trainers can be cool, great people, good friends, but are their programs good? At the end of the day the program is what you are running through and what's going to get you results not the trainer.

Having goals and wanting change is the first 2 steps you have to figure out on your own, only then can anyone help you.
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