Monday, December 17, 2012

AOE Holiday Bootcamp

I personally take a lot of pride and responsibility for our AOE Community Effort Classes. They are free to our clients and their friends.

The purpose: to bring unity, community, bonding, accountability, and to get another training day in, especially for those who can't afford to train more often.

How it's different: Not only is it free, but each one has a specific theme or goal. Everyone is in different shapes and sizes so if we did something really hard, only the truly in shape benefit, if we did it really easy, only a few would appreciate it. So instead of that whole paradigm which will never lead anywhere, we always choose a goal or topic to improve our clients on. Whether its classes we give on self defense or on how to properly stretch, or like this bootcamp where the goal was to improve speed and posture, there is always something we want people to leave that session improved with.

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