Friday, November 9, 2012

The Fitbit

There are products that I like to recommend products. There's one in particular I have been raving about on Facebook.

It's called The Fitbit Flex . It's a product in the emerging market of personal trackers, and there are many out there. Its in the world of personal effectiveness and efficiency. And people who like to be effective need data, this gives you plenty of data. If you love gadgets this is a perfect gift or something you want to buy maybe even during Black Friday. I don't know. But I highly recommend you get one.

Here's why:

It tracks how many steps you take, it tracks the quality of your sleep (that in itself makes it worth it, I've posted several times the link between sleep and weight loss), it tracks overall activity level, stairs climbed, calories burned, and with the phone app or on the site you can log your food. It also connects with My Fitness Pal and can find your Facebook friends who use it so you can make it something competitive.

But what do you do with all this data? Knowledge is the greatest motivator. Just knowing how much you are moving makes you want to get up more, park a bit further, clean up after yourself, walk your dog further. It also makes you want to go to bed earlier, maybe try to experiment with things to improve sleep, especially if you are like me and just found out you wake up 10-11 times during the night.

As long as you have it on your person somewhere it works. If you clip it onto your kids, it will tell you about them, I even clipped it onto my dog and realized she has a very active life I am not aware about when I am not home! Whenever there is new health data or a study then, it's all over the news and we try to follow that trend. Well without any researchers following you around, this gives you personalized data about you specifically.

People keep food journals to help with weight loss and its important data for the trainer to see. But you have no idea if the client has been working out or a journal of client workouts on their own. With the Fitbit it is now quantifiable. Or if someone tells you they are moderately active or sedentary, what that exactly means. Maybe you thought you were running around all day, and you look and see that you didn't even hit 5,000 steps. Maybe then the problem isn't that you are really busy, its more that you have low stamina and gives you the perception of being busy. That's great knowledge in trying to be more efficient and successful in whatever you do. It's not just for weight loss or working out, I feel like every CEO needs one as well, anyone who needs to be more effective in their life.

You need one the same reason you need a smart phone. It's the next evolution and its a way technology can help our health, and not impede our health. Like the computer which made us more sedentary, this makes us more active. More data is always a good thing that has no downside.

End rant.
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