Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Client Can Run Again

Today was a milestone achievement for one client. Not because he has hit some new weight loss number. Because he hit a new performance number.

Today Glenn B. ran 308 feet uphill in 5 minutes! What does that mean? So take your treadmill, put it on incline 15 and run on it for 5 minutes straight without holding onto the rails at 5 speed or higher. At 50 years old he is in better shape than he was in his 30's.

Now also do all of that at THE END of your workout.

At All Out Effort we care about performance numbers as much as we care about numbers on the scale. In fact we care about it more, we push physical numbers through better performance numbers.

It's interesting how no one got over 300 feet in weeks, then Alex Y. finally did it. Then when others saw him do it, they no longer said "I can't." Then self belief kicks in and spooky stuff happens, other people start to do it and surpass it. All Out Effort is also just as much a community effort. Success is contagious. Even though its personal training, we are a community.

Why is Glenn then so unique? Because 2 years ago when Glenn came in, he could not walk without a limp. He had severe Achilles tendonitis in both legs, so bad that he had to wear special shoes and had a permanent limp and his days of playing tennis matches at his tennis club were over. At best he could hit the ball around but with severe pain the next day. It doesn't stop there, he had plantar fasciitis, he had bunyons, hammer toe, heel spur, sciatica, a pinched nerve in his neck, and elbow tendonitis in both arms.

I won't bore you with all the details of our training but we first made him stop wearing shoes during training, and did a series of corrective and rehabilitative work in the first few months that we still do to some extent whenever he comes in. He was so defeated, and his workouts weren't like the bootcamps he was used to so several times in the first year I had to pull him off the ledge. He was close to quitting. He was mad at how unathletic he had become, and the training made him feel even worse because instead of doing mindless tough workouts, we worked on restoring his body, so he may have also found it boring. To state it simply, he was not in a good place and he was not very happy with himself. Now he tries to come in every day and we basically have to kick him out of the gym.

Today he is nearly pain free, down 30lbs. It was on accident in the first year he noticed himself jogging to put  money in the meter. He couldn't believe he was jogging. Now he can sprint, jump, play tennis, win tournaments at his club.

Today he ran up 308
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