Thursday, October 11, 2012


You will be missed. And you have taught me everything there is to know, either directly or indirectly. You almost hit 90 and you have been preparing me for this moment since I was born. Reminding me of your age, and my responsibilities to everyone because you won't always be around.

So now that that time has come, I am not an emotional wreck. My resolve to help others and my commitment to health has been further strengthened. One of the biggest things my dad was a stickler on, was that I live up to all my commitments, social or professional, whether it be appointments or promises. Probably one of his trademarks, he always showed up early. He would never break a commitment for anything. So he promised to be around until I got married. And he did that and then some.

So to my clients, show up. Keep training. I would let you know if I was going to cancel a session on you guys.

I will be flying out of town but when I get back, you guys better not be out of shape! My dad wouldn't be understanding of it and neither would I.

- Coach Sam

PS: Good health can't always stop disease and death. But it will be the difference between dying and dying with dignity. Sick and weak or sick and strong. Being strong isn't about having an immortal life, its a question of quality of life.
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