Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Using Mindset To Lose Over 100lbs

Source: http://www.sergiogonzales.com/how-i-lost-100-lbs-without-surgery-or-exercise/

Sergio Gonzalez lost 100 lbs, -84 inches, -14% body fat. He did it through diet but most of all before he even began his journey he started from within and figured out the root cause, he started it with mindset. He's tried to lose weight before but this time he faced the underlying issues first and that made all the difference.

"You can't shame someone into losing weight. You can't want it enough for them. They have to do it for themselves and no one else. For all you fat camps and weight loss drill instructors, do something better with your lives. Taking one's shame of being overweight and replacing it with deeper neuroses earns you hell credits."

Heal your relationship with food and the diet will follow.
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