Monday, September 24, 2012

Tragedy Strikes Again

Years ago when I was just starting out as a trainer, before it was AOE, I was brand new, took a big risk and I was flat broke. During that time there were some tragedies in my family and whatever money I was able to save, went to plane tickets and money for my family. A selfish part of myself wondered if I could ever rebound from this financially, for doing the right thing, if I could ever be not broke.

Years later tragedy strikes one more time, but this time I realize and am grateful that if you believe and persevere, you CAN improve your lot in life. No matter how this new family tragedy plays out. I am flying up again and I am sure its one of several trips but its no longer the financial burden it once was. No matter what happens I know I will come out stronger for it. I'll live I tell myself. And I am reminded why I started all this.

AOE was my way of trying to bring health to people because good health wasn't available for a lot of my family members.
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