Thursday, September 27, 2012

To Everyone Wanting To Get Healthy

To Everyone Wanting To Get Healthy,

My job is 24 hours a day. Every day I am constantly emailing with clients, texting, setting up schedules, rescheduling, making sure everyone gets enough training time in, making sure everyone is doing okay, eating well. Being one of the most popular personal training programs in LA, there are a lot of clients and a very limited amount of time for me.

But a bigger part of my day is spent managing the few, the clients who are tapering off, who's motivations are wavering, who are falling off, who are resisting change, who forgot why they even started this journey. It's an unavoidable and big part of my job. There is some sort of disaster almost every day with at least one client. And in the end I can't help everyone, they must help themselves.

I know, it's hard to train. I know why you can't work out. I know why you can't eat healthy. I know you have limited time. You're not always in a good mood, life isn't always kind to you...

I know all the reasons why you can't. I am asking you though to think about all the reasons why you CAN. What motivates you to be strong, what was your original purpose in pursuing better health? What are the reasons that CAN sustain you. I know it's hard, I know it's not convenient but if you do this, maybe you, maybe a loved one, maybe a future loved one will be so glad you put your health as a priority. I am speaking from experience.

Invariably someone will send me an email, text, or give me an explanation of why they CAN'T put health first.

I've heard all the reasons why you CAN'T. I'd love to hear though why you CAN.

You can ignore this blog, stop following our posts on Facebook, ignore our emails. But instead of hiding, feeling shame or guilt, or giving up, why not just...embrace your power.

It matters. If not to you to someone else.


Coach Sam
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