Monday, September 10, 2012

How A Few Words Can Change Everything For One Client

A new client just went out of town after a few sessions for work. She has a high position and is under a lot of pressure. She sent me this email

"You know what has actually helped me through this last week of stress?

A drawing that you showed me on assessment day - the circle with the line through the middle with comfort on one side and the dark night on the other. I drew a version on a post-it (with growth & change instead of dark night) and stuck it on my mac as a visual reminder, and every time I start to feel overwhelmed I stare at it for a while and think about the reasons of why I'm doing all of this. And I start to feel renewed again.

So thank you Sam, for showing me that. I bet you didn't even realize that in 1 minute you already changed my life. That 1 little thing has made more of an impact to me than you know."
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