Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Email From An Old Client Who Is Still Evolving

I only had a short amount of time to train this client. Life came up, she had to stop, then she moved away. But somehow through the power of Facebook, we kept in touch.

She recently sent a message and it was truly profound and reminded me, its not about the trainer at all. Trainers cannot take credit for anything the client does. When the client is ready, they find their path. Sometimes its with us, sometimes its not. What's most important is they made that mental switch.

She sent me an email not too long ago asking about certain diets and the pros and cons behind them. And asked me about the glycemic index and I told her high inflammatory foods can lead to diabetes. That's when she told me she became pre-diabetic. She took some of my suggestions and ran with it. I'm no longer her trainer, now just her friend but friends can help friends if they ask. She sent me another message with her update.

With her permission I wanted to share it with our readers because I think many people can be inspired by her.
"Hey Sam, just wanted you to know I've lost ten pounds already. Healthily, not staving, eating really well, basically Paleo but I'm not avoiding cheese, I'll never give up cheese lol. Just making sure I burn more calories than I take in and making sure I eat high quality, lean meats, veggies and fruit. I'm going to ask for another blood test in about a month when I see the doctor again. My goal is to reverse this pre-diabetes!! 
Oh, and I'm exercising. No gym, just lots of walking up hills, stairs, hiking, shadow boxing, even dancing at the club for a few hours straight lol. Oh, and I got those five finger shoes - haven't gotten shin splints since I've had them and that's a damn miracle. I'm super proud of myself.

Seeing your posts on Facebook make me smile. Your excitement and passion are catching.
I gotta tell you, I feel great. I've added some of your suggested core exercises from your video - I love them."
She doesn't have a trainer. She's not a member of a gym. She's not taking any classes or doing some DVD workout and yet she's somehow making changes on her own and finding inspiration all around her. She's defying all the laws of fitness marketing.

You don't always need some fancy program, you don't always need All Out Effort. You just need the will to change.

Not all of our success stories are about our clients that train with us. Success is success even if no trainer is involved.
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