Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Client Testimonial From The Heart


"Sam deserves to be on Best of Yelp's top personal coaches in Los Angeles.!

What separates Sam from other trainers?

He genuinely cares for his clients.
He makes sure you have proper form when performing exercise routines.
He listens to you and your story.
He not only helps his clients lose weight, but coaches them to make a lifestyle change.

I met Sam summer 2010 when I decided to make a lifestyle change. Since then, I have trained with him, observed him training other clients, and followed his blog / youtube videos / anythingyoucanname that he wrote.

What I love about Sam is that he accepts and welcomes you just as you are. From there, he will work with you to live life healthily and happily. He isn't like other trainers that forces strict diets down your throat (hehehe, pun intended) and make you perform an absurd exercise regimen that makes you want to quit forever (but I'm sure that if you requested a hardcore workout, he will give you one). Many individuals want a miracle cure for their weight loss issues, but they have to understand that it takes time, change, patience, determination, and a helpful supporter.

Sam philosophy works--not only physically, but mentally. While you work with him, your mentality will change and you will start seeing weight loss differently.

No trainer can force you to do anything. The inspiration must come from within. So if you're ready to make a lifestyle change, then invest in yourself by contacting Sam. I promise you--you won't regret it.

If you're still hesitant about finding the right personal trainer, I highly recommend visiting his website. Browse through it, read the blog, read the reviews. You'll learn a lot."
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