Thursday, August 23, 2012

What Does A Personal Trainer Think Of All Out Effort

Rebecca Anthony is a personal trainer, fitness director, and willPower & Grace group instructor.

Here's what she had to say after being assessed and trained at All Out Effort.

"As a trainer of course Sam's studio jumped out at me because of the amazing reviews and I could tell there was something different there beyond just a really hard work out, beyond just the results, its the approach.

Definitely the importance on all the postural assessments and range of motion of the joints. For example how Sam told me you need to be able to create in your full range of motion. So it's irrelevant if where your building strength and muscle is not related to functional movement, whether it be in a sport or daily activity, or an exercise you're going to do later in the workout.

There's a lot of thought and logic and science built into the workout. It seems to have more of a purpose than  to just kick your butt and burn calories. Because you're still burning calories, but your also creating a smarter body and a stronger body and healthier joints and better movements."

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