Friday, August 17, 2012

The Secret To Top Level Personal Training

It begins with assessments...

When human beings started to understand natural sciences, they began with observations of nature. Without assessments and observations of our clients, it wouldn't be a scientific process.

I like to say, without an assessment, it would be attempting to get the client "fit" on accident. Even without injuries, its the system that will keep them injury free and injury resistant during our training program.

With that said, the difficulty is the client comes in with certain expectations. They don't see the celebrity trainers using assessments and in their minds the trainers they have already seen on TV are the authority. Why are they the authority? The viewership makes them so. Just the same as all our clients make me an authority. If I had 0 clients, no matter how skilled I was, I would just be a guy who knew stuff.

I overcome the issue before it begins. I tell them from the first day what to expect, I become transparent. I explain to them though why it's more effective, you can use a host of analogies comparing their bodies to cars or what not. But people are not stupid, if they are explained the value up front they will buy in.

Once they believe that figuring out their weaknesses and minimizing it as much as possible is the key to a good program, program design becomes easy. They just needed to know why. Once they know why they begin to believe. Once they believe, they want the same things I want for them: good health. Why would I need to assess them if all I was trying to do was make them look good? I only need to know more about them when I am trying to make them healthy. So if I don't really care about their health and well being, I an skip it. But I thought diet and exercise was originally created to try to improve our health?

- Coach Sam
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